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E-Hospital, Health, Healthcare, Medical Professional sector-Aadhar Number= unique Patient ID No , Idea and solution to stop Corruption -Unethical Practice in Medical Profession -Aadhar Enable Integrated Medical Professional Software

E-Hospital, Health, Healthcare, Medical Professional sector

Idea and solution to stop Corruption -Unethical Practice in Medical Profession -Aadhar Enable Integrated Medical Professional Software

Idea shared and Government responses

Previous Reference: 

DORVU/E/2017/01749 – Revenue Dept – Medical

CBODT/E/2017/12837 – income tax – Medical

The issue raised in your grievance pertains to Policy matter. Your grievance is being forwarded to JS, TPL-I, RNO: 148-A, Ministry of Finance, Dept of Revenue, North Block, New Delhi -110001, Tel: 011-23092988, for further necessary action.

DPLNG/E/2017/00451- Niti Aayog – Medical

DHLTH/E/2017/03710 – Dept. of Health – Medical
May be taken up with M/o Electronics and Information Technology

PRSEC/E/2017/07813- President Secretariat-  Medical

UIDAI/E/2017/02611 – UIDAI – Medical
Dear Resident, Your grievance has been forwarded to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare vide letter dated: 23/06/2017. (Copy enclosed). You may contact to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

PMOPG/E/2017/0342510 - PMO India - Medical 

Before moving further I would like to request all of you please be open minded . Every doctor is not wrong. we have many good example of them also , but few medical professional involved in wrong practices and  damaging image of whole medical profession . We need a system driven transparency and justice for general public . I would like to play 2 short video for you. You are the best judge. Please come forward with positive mind set for National interest and  to discourage unethical practices  in Medical professional .

Idea & Solution to stop  Corruption & Unethical Practice in Medical Profession

Professional like doctors, engineer, Lawyer are real stone and playing important roles in economy growth.
Looking for special appreciation to bring all in same platform and help nation to trace the black money source and come with effective solution.


  1.             Doctor, engineer, lawyer are real diamond so tractability of them is real time requirement. So Pan card Linking from day one ( when they take admission in college) is quite helpful
  2.       Especially for doctor it is my observation they are practices number of hospital or their personal clinic. Giving the special declare tax benefit is OK, but they are big source of black money because there consultancy charges are not define this is in their control. Some time they behave very unprofessional and start making money. 

Suggestion /Solution

    •        Pan Card should be mandatory for all Engineer/ doctor/ Lawyer
    •          To bring them to common board Govt. may offer special income  tax benefit of 2 lakh to engineer/ doctor/ lawyer 
    •          If in Pan Card there is option to mention profession this may helpful tool to trace the accountability of these real diamonds playing important role to built up nation.
    •           Doctors need to be mention bar code  number in their latter head ,
    •          They have to give computer printed receipt to patient ( PAN card should be mention)
    •          If Govt. start give extra Income tax benefit (100% tax free) for doctor consultancy then income of doctor will be traceable
    •          Doctors need to be submit rented office charge (PAN CARD mention by Doctor & Property Owner for transparency and payment should be made by NEFT only
    •  Doctor need to submit to Income tax site their employee name and Pan card for tractability (even though cleaner/ compounder…. Front office assistant) for better tractability )   
Unethical Practice by Doctors/Medical Professional / Hospitals
  • Doctors/ Hospitals/ nursing home are promoting unethical practice for their profitability- Pharma sector- duplicate medicine or un-necessary doing medical experiment and advise for costlier medicine . 

Suggested Solution & Best Practices  

  • Medical Council of India Have to develop software to stop unethical practice in the name of unnecessary test, Fake or duplicate medicine. Unethical practice by doctors.
  • MCI software - Centralized software system for doctor prescription, should containing 


  •             Biometric system present system for doctors and all medical staff in all government Hospital in every city in India, Bar-coded Online and Physical  appointment system in all government hospital like Safdarjung hospital, All India Institute Of Medical Science: AIIMS- PAN No should be mandatory for registration process to stop agent ship or no malpractice in registration process.
  •        Unethical behavior & practices by doctors- kidney, organ theft by medical professionals- money mindset is increasing in India and really this is not India culture. To Regulate this some clause like  some bill required for social responsibility of doctors
    ·         Doctors/ Medical Body/ Hospitals should have clear social responsibility. They must spend at least 20 to 30 % of funds collected in last financial year on social responsibilities.
    ·         Doctors/Medical/ Hospital body should compulsorily utilize / consume 70% of the funds/earnings within next 1 financial year. If unused funds still remain, they must be utilized 100% on social responsibilities/Social drive

    Social Drive like

    •          Culture of adopting a government school and contribute in school Infrastructure development support.
    •           Social responsibility towards senior citizen, support help 2000/- per month/per person) directly bank transfer provision thru NEFT.
    •            Voluntary support for such social activities.
    •            Declare scholarship to engineering, Medical students (Rs. 25000/- to Rs. 50000/- each Student per year)
    •            Declare scholarship to for school going student (Rs. 500/- Per month)
ABP Initiate: 

Cuba's health care system: a model for India to follow 04/30/15

·         Public  will get developed and improve system & environment
·         Corruption will reduce
·         Right people get appreciation
·         Traceability of real diamond
·         Govt. have better control over this segment.
   Government Initiative:
  •          Draft National Health Policy 2015 (
  •          As per Health Bill the prices and availability of drugs is regulated by the Department of Pharmaceuticals.
  •          Regulatory Framework
  •          The regulatory role of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  •          The Institutional Framework 
  •           National Helth Portal
Request to watch this video doctors are most currupt professional

  • .
Government/ Ministry Initiatives

E Hospital: Aadhaar based system where counter based hospital OPD registration and appointment system has been made online
ORS: Online Registration System

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