Friday, July 31, 2015

Flop Show- National Career Service Portal

Flop Show- National Career Service Portal

aadhaar linking and design in lite site  or more secure in may boost working in this site

+ NarenderModi  @PMOindia
Really no where stand in current market player like naukri, monster, IIM JOBs really National Career Service Portal not able to compete 

Not able to use from broadband So how government are thinking it is accessible from 2G mobile network

Negative point

1. Extremely slow,
2. Poor speed quality of data saving 
3. No  of error 
4 Extremely heavy site
5. Poor technology used for designing portal.
6. May be data base technique is not good May be used  SQL  or Oracle /teradata ,Oracle/Teradata is good for handling big data 

tested and find fail

 Government intention was good but failed . quality is quite poor. 

Positive side
1. Site is quite secure is used.

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