Friday, January 30, 2015

TRANSPARENCY IN EDUCATION - PAN, TIN ,BAR code should be mandatory in all school fees receipts


PAN, TIN, BAR code should be mandatory in all school fees receipts

School fees direct transfer in school Bank A/c

All Fees should be transferred directly in school account by NEFT or cheque. At the same time schools have to mention PAN Number / TIN Number in all receipts. 

PAN/ TIN /BAR code mandatory in all school fees receipts

Every fees receipt should have Bar code / TIN Number / PAN Number

"No Poor child has applied"

A common admission counseling system shall be introduced (may be city wise) for all schools (like Vyapam in MP) EWS students can also be distributed according to their location etc. Fake statement of schools also gets caught that "no Poor children has applied". Schools cannot run away from their social responsibility to take 25 % seats of poor quota (EWS).

Social responsibility of School

Strict rule for school also required that they should have to spend 5-10% of their income in Social Responsibility (Free Books, Poor student Fees, Save the Senior citizen, Save the Girl child, Tree Plantation etc.).

Safety of our children & responsibility of school

Schools are harassing parents for undeclared and unauthentic rules and regulation. There should be some rules and responsibility of school if children not present consecutive 3 days then school should inform parents by email, SMS or call or written letter to ensure no miss happening with children. Before cancelling admission of children at least 2 warning massage should be sent by school. All rules and regulations should be as per national education system and as approved by HRD Ministry. Financial penalty clause on school should be brought in favor of parents. For everything school should not impose financial penalty. All fee structure definition should be defined nation wise and shall not change school to school.

TAX Benefit on Child Education

Currently tax benefit for child education is Rs. 200 only that is quite old and far away from current situation. People are paying Rs. 3000 to 6000 per month for child school fee. Government need to increase this tax benefit amount to at-least Rs. 3000 per month for child education to promote education level in India

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