Monday, January 27, 2014

Self dependency of Students- Idea for SKill Development / Skill India

Self dependency culture development for students in India like UK, US, Japan and Australia

Key Observation: Student in college (Graduate or Post Graduate student), high School (10, 11 & 12th) are totally depended on parental income

Missing thing:  In their career needed to be developed by new policies or bill in this area. Missing things like
-          Industrial touch
-          Sense of responsibility,
-          Sense of importance of money
-          Self dependency culture
Suggestion: To implementing self dependency culture development for students.
-          Definition clarity in Frame work Part time Job opportunity of student.
-          Minimum age definition for part time job (Say for example Minimum 16 Years)
-          Minimum wages per hour definition in framework (Example in Japan 600 Yen / hour)
-          To create the part time job opportunity few tax benefit concept need to be bring in picture for industry/ school /college/ factory / shops etc.
-          This thing also needs to bring in new company Bill under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
-          There should be some fixed numbers per years in company bill clause or education policies for Part time internship program.

Government Initiative:

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) makes internship must for engineering students

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