Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Graveness Delhi Tourism or other estate tourism

Graveness Delhi Tourism or other estate tourism
Being an Indian I do not like if any foreign person called like poor people poor India really this is not my expectation from tourism I was really surprise during visiting lotus temple with my four foreign friends coming from US Finland and Sweden There is big queue approximate 800 meter Really very hot and sunny day We drop the idea to go inside and comment by them is really not good I really feel shame and request them please do not market negative about India

This is really big example of poor arrangement
No shade arrangement for General public
No separate arrangement for foreign people
I would like to request all tourism department in all states please  make separate entries  or paid entries may be tourism dept can charge free Rs 100 Rs 500  Rs 1000  to Rs 2000 for all paid tourist or foreign or Indian
Separate entry for all Indian at least create 5 to 10 entries free for general public


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