Friday, January 9, 2015

Promoting sports Body ICC & BCCI & Cricker / Celebrities to run social drive as Social responsibility

Promoting Social Drive from Sports Body Promoting sports Body ICC & BCCI & Cracker / Celebrities to run social drive as Social responsibility

To make more accountable all Sports Body ICC & BCCI & Cricketer & Celebrities
  1.  Sports Body ICC & BCCI should have clear social responsibility. They must spend at least 20 to 30 % of funds collected in last financial year on social responsibilities.
  2. Sports Body ICC & BCCI should compulsorily utilize / consume 70% of the funds within next 1 financial year. If unused funds still remain, they must be utilized 100% on social responsibilities (Like Making schools, Libraries, Hospitals, Rehabilitation, Scholarships for the needy etc. )

Social Drive like

Establishing system to support poor & needy

  1.     Camp organization every week visit of some specialist doctor—eyes, ears, bones….,
  2.    Small medical support activity to help poor
  3.    Supporting Charitable homeopathic clinic
  4.    Supporting Charitable ayurvedic clinic
  5.   Support Contribution in poor girls marriage  (Rs. 50000/- per marriage)
  6.   Scholarship to engineering, Medical students (Rs. 25000/- to Rs. 50000/- each Student per year)
  7.  Scholarship for school going student (Rs. 500/- Per month)
  8.   Scholarship for intelligent student – Rs. 50000/- one time Scholarship)
  9.  Adopting a government school and contribute in school Infrastructure development support. (10 lakhs per school).
  10. Free book library development for students in schools, colleges, professional institutes like engineering, medical, CA, Law etc.
  11. Social responsibility towards senior citizen, support help 2000/- per month/per person) directly bank transfer provision thru NEFT.
  12.   Food camp / cloth for religious concept should be adopted daily (learn from any Gurudwara..)
  13.  Promoting people for shramdan / voluntary support for such social activities.


  1.      Accountability increases due to link with banks.
  2.      Proper utilization of dead funds in social development.
  3.      Reduces scope of misuse of such funds for illegal activities like terror activities.
  4.      Poor and intelligent student get support and opportunity to study.
  5.      Healthy environment will develop due to this social drive.  

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