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Job opportunities in India-Boosting Industries- Liquidity in market boosting the job sector.

Employment & Labour Reforms

Fully codify central labour laws; Enhance Female Labour Force Participation to 30%.
Enhance skills & significantly increase number of apprenticeships.
Improve data collection on employment.
Ease industrial relations to encourage formalization.

Job opportunities in India-Boosting Industries- Liquidity in market boosting the job sector.

Increasing employment in India- Potential of Development

December 2, 2013 at 12:21pm

Observation: liquidity in market boosting the job sector.

The government needs to bring local Sabji mondies in every 5 KM , they need to set up a free field to increase employment and reduce costliness of food items. best practices can be adopted from satpula ,Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh  weekly mandies developed there and made by cconcrete and Sheded  , easy momovement posible, outside parking possible , for cleaning of space government has given third party contract , Municiple corporation has important role in this

2. Street Food 24X7 Concept in every city to Increase employment, to increase tourism, and promote culture. Government need to give free ground space to implement this concept for  " minimum- 1000 Shop"
food chain small entrepreneur/ enterprise to promote city culture. 

Street Food 24X7 Concept @ Jabalpur

DLF Cyber City 
DLF Cyber City- Gurgaon India 
If government start giving tax benefit in LTA every year and include hotel , taxi, railway, restaurant , auto in LTA  consideration this will boost truism, hotel  & restaurant business  and bring lots of job opportunity in this sector. Also LTA Tax free limit need to increase up to 1 to 1.5 lakh to boost this sector.

- At the end government going to received the tax on these services.

- Bring  the tax free bond for 10 years in Railway extra track , Trains  & Railway Mall concept bring lot of liquidity in market and multiply many fold . this will bring lots of employment. And at the end government going to received tax on these services. Tax free bond value need to be increase up to 1- 2 lakhs.

I like Google concept to promote internet for more employment in india

Next Google Can Come From India: Eric Schmidt

By IndiaTimes | November 20, 2013, 12:56 pm IST

-  increase its Internet penetration across towns and cities, a move that will have a positive impact on its economy and society.
-  "In India this phenomenon is sure to unleash a customer-driven revolution on a scale we have never seen before in education, financial services, healthcare and entertainment," he added.

Government Initiative: 

Mega Food Parks

The Ministry has announced selection of 17 new Mega Food Parks against the vacancies caused due to withdrawal or cancellation of the projects selected earlier. Out of these 17 (Seventeen) new Mega Food Parks, 7 (Seven) projects have been approved for State Government Agencies from 6 (Six) States and 10 (Ten) projects have been approved for private promoters. The financial assistance for setting up Mega Food Parks is provided @ 50% of eligible project cost in general areas and @ 75% of eligible project cost in NE Region and difficult areas (Hilly States and ITDP areas) subject to maximum of Rs. 50 crore per project. The total estimated proposed project cost of these 17 projects is Rs. 2333 crore out of which the Government grant is likely to be around Rs. 850 crore and promoters’ contribution as equity and loan is around Rs. 1483 crore.

Mega Food Parks aim at creating modern infrastructure for development of food processing sector which helps in reduction in wastage of perishables, value addition to the agricultural produce, providing better price to farmers and creation of employment opportunities especially in rural areas. Mega Food Parks function on a cluster based approach based on a hub and spokes model. Infrastructure is created for primary processing and storage near the farm in the form of Primary Processing Centres (PPCs) and Collection Centres (CCs) located in production areas. These PPCs and CCs act as aggregation and storage points to feed raw material to the processing units located in the Central Processing Centre (CPC). Common facilities and enabling infrastructure like modern warehousing, cold storage, IQF, sorting, grading, packaging, pulping, ripening chambers and tetra packaging units, roads, electricity, water, ETP facilities etc. are created at CPC for food processing units to be set up in the Park.

The Government has sanctioned setting up of 42 (Forty Two) Mega Food Parks for creation of modern infrastructure for food processing industries in the country. Out of these, 21 (Twenty One) Parks have been accorded Final Approval by the Ministry and are at various stages of implementation. Four Mega Food Parks at Haridwar (Uttarkhand), Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh), Fazilka (Punjab) and Tumkur (Karnataka) have become operational. The other projects, which have been accorded In-principle approval, are in the process of meeting the conditions of final approval as per the scheme guidelines.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Food Processing Industries, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha here today.


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