Friday, September 5, 2014

Save the water for your children

"Save the water for your children"

Water harvesting is real need to current scenario, Government  clear policy in new and old society, DDA, and other private builder for water harvesting will bring bright future of India 

We friend are just talking about flud  in Bihar , rajasthan , Madhya pradesh  and Ganga's Fury The Uttarakhand  and in the same time we are facing water issue in rainy season in many state , even in no of Government & private colonies around the India like DDA,JDA &  private society  in many places they are unable to supply proper feed to civilian  

in the same time  many state are facing issue of dry  field many farmers are hoping the rain  water

proposing small Idea to come out from this opposite situation. @PMO India Government policy will bring revolution in  this area


  1. water harvesting have to be compulsory for all Private builders, as well as government state development authorities like  DDA, GDA, JDA etc
  2. Special tax benefit in housing construction loan if they have adopted water harvesting technique.
  3. special diesel subsidy only to farmer if they have create water harvesting technique in their field
  4. Big pond creation in villages for rain water storing 
  5. Adding water harvesting in "Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna".     
  6. State Jal board should have to clean the water line  in every quarter by pressure machine to remove the obstruction to ensure the water supply.  

Also i would like to share best practice at Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh

Trick to avoid Buster in water line : total supply of water time by Jal board  is 2 hours in morning (6-8 AM and 2 hours in evening (6-8 PM) .

There are light out every day for full city  for 6-7 morning  for cooling the electrical device and shift change also for power saving for critical time and in the same time water supplied by Jal board with full pressure, due to unavailability of light water boaster not worked and every citizen get same water pressure at their end .

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