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Doubling Farmers Income -Farmer Welfare-Farmer Life in India-Potential of Development - Agriculture Sector -Scope of Improvement -

Farmer Life in India -Scope of Improvement
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How can farmer life will be better in India

  1. As water way/ cannal  pass through across the India it will bring good cropping culture , good environment , low pollution and crop losses due to no water availability will be solve.
  2. Connecting river to save the water and life of farmer should be on top priority in government list.
  3. Most of river water will fall in sea and we are here talking about rain water harvesting, NGT  should take the lead to save the river water. 
  4. River connectivity will solve problem of power electricity through small hydro electricity generation and good for farmer, Villages.
  5. Pollution and environment will automatically will better due to good plantation and coping by availability of river water 
  6. Connecting river in India will help Indian Economy by boosting farmers, Tourism, Hotel Business, as well as by earning carbon credit. 
  7. Digital mapping of field and this will help planning in policies for all farmers for their child education, school, bank &  post office  farmer Loans, even for potential cold storages making , many more ….
  8. Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana help to trace individual majdoor farmer who do not have own field but face the loss due to climate /Natural disaster and  Government PMJDY make better policy for all Indian farmer and other struggling people to directly transfer the subsidy in to bank account.

To develop agriculture and good farmer life

PG Ref: MINWR/E/2015/00175- Ministry of Water Resources
Ministry's letter No. 11011/02/2015-Coord dated 19.05.2015.

Matter Forward  to Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, NWDA and MI(Div.), MoWR, RD and GR.  for appropriate action,


1. Why does farmer going for suicide?
2. Most cases: farmer majdoor  who don't have own field going for suicide in case of climate disaster, & they have big loan from  local sahukar.
3. Uncertainty in farmer life is big reason for this failure
4. farmer in trouble in 2 cases .
a) Due to lack of water
b) Croup is good but due to lack of cold storage
5. Sukha is big issue in cropping
6. Electricity Problem
7. Over water flood

Request to PM of India to bring some concrete step to save farmer life

Critical Feedback : 

Government official need to take to some good stem to solve farmer problem  

"The feet of a protestor are displayed as other stand in water during the ‘Jal Satyagraha’ or ‘insistence on truth by water’ at Ghogal village in Khandwa area, Madhya Pradesh, Friday. The protesters have been in water since Aug. 25 and are demanding compensation and rehabilitation for villagers whose homes will be submerged under water after opening the gates of the Omkareshwar dam in the state because of rise in water levels of the Narmada River (AP Photo)."

Sukha is big issue in cropping
Electricity Problem
over water flood
Natural disaster

Must watch these video: to know farmer situation in India

Government Initiative

1. Bill for Declaration of 101 Waterways as National Waterways to be Introduced in Parliament 

2.     Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) is National Mission for Financial Inclusion

3. MINWR/E/2015/00175- Ministry of Water Resources
Ministry's letter No. 11011/02/2015-Coord dated 19.05.2015.

Matter Forward  to Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, NWDA and MI(Div.), MoWR, RD and GR.  for appropriate action,

4. THE NATIONAL WATERWAYS BILL, 2015,%202015.pdf

5.  Letter from National Water Development Agency (NWDA)
     Ref : NWDA/113/55/ Tech /2015  Date : June 12, 2015

Doubling Farmers Income

  1. Modernize technology, increase productivity & agro-processing; diversify crops
  2. Increase area under drip irrigation, adoption of hybrid seeds.
  3. Reorient ATMA to include bottom-up planning for developing Strategic Research Extension Plans.
  4. Encourage diversification to High Value Crops.
  5. Promote policies that enable farmers to capture a higher share of value addition 
  6. Abolish APMC; Adopt Model APLM Act, Model Contract Farming Act & Model Land Leasing Act.
  7. Formulate a coherent & stable agricultural export policy. Eliminate ban on agro-exports.
  8. Focus on precision agriculture; raise research spending.
  9. Create modern rural infrastructure & an integrated value chain system
  10. Accord infrastructure status for agriculture value chains.
  11. Link production to processing, set up village-level procurement centres.
  12. Develop export-oriented clusters.

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