Thursday, October 26, 2017

Black money - No trackability of Gold sale- purchase up to 2 lakhs is questionable -क्या सरकार blackmoney के साथ है।

No trackability of Gold sale- purchase up to 2 lakhs is questionable

क्या सरकार  blackmoney  के साथ  है। #blackmoney #moneylaundering  #corruption

Transparency is the key for good economic growth- No trackability of Gold sale/ purchase up to 2 lakhs is questionable,

Aadhar linking , PAN linking , trace linking is needed for purchase above 20000/- to stop corruption in India 

Observation / Challenges:

1. corruption

2. Black Money, Hawala, Corruption in Government offices/ terror financing

3. Lack of transparency

4. Government willingness to brings India at Top.

गलती वही करता हे जो कुछ काम करता है कमिया सामने आ रही है , मतलब कुछ काम हो रहा है।

Taking the tax or not taking the tax is decision of Government of India. I respect Modi government that they are sensitive towards public and doing amendment in policies which is directly impacting business and country economy growth condition.

But I object that government is not tracing the gold purchase up to 2 lakhs no pan card needed.

It promoting hawala, terror financing, money received from corruption, also people have black money to convert in to gold. it is hampering the Indian economy. Government may announce that no tax will be taken from individual if they buy gold up to 2 lakhs in a year, but Pan linking is needed to trace the source of black money. May be no GST up to 2 lakhs of gold sale to individual, but it should be reflecting in TRACE 

I would like to say this traceability limit need to be reduce up to 20,000/- and trace should be track and reflect in to TRACE account purchase of House, BIKE, CAR, GOLD, TV… and Government may have proposed GST refund if this is First Home Loan/ First House/First car (1 CAR) / Bike / TV per family to boost Business and Indian Economy. Fast track GST refund process for individual buyers so that he / she will not buy item without taking bill.

Aadhaar card, PAN card no longer needed for jewellery purchase above Rs 50,000, GST Council decides

October 6 ,2017

Keep PAN, Aadhaar handy for bullion & jewellery purchases above Rs 50K post Budget 2017 
Jan 31, 2017

New money laundering norms stump jewellery sector

As concern as easy business way

No tax needed, need to be announce in tax system but traceability needed to stop corruption hawala and terror financing. 


How can the gold industry become more transparent and sustainable?

Why is the jewellery industry so far behind other sectors in terms of sustainability?

What will drive business to be more transparent about their supply chains?

How can we learn from reform in other sectors such as food?

What will change consumer behaviour and drive awareness around the social and environmental issues associated with metals such as gold?

Could ethical labelling make a difference?

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