Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why SC’s move to limit Aadhaar usage- Mandatory Aadhaar linking with Voter Identity Cards to stop Bogus Voting - Need of nation

Mandatory Aadhaar linking with Voter Identity Cards  to stop Bogus Voting 
Kind Attention Election Commission

Duplicity and stopping unethical practice at in election voting. Aadhaar linking need to be mandatory to stop Bogus Voter Identity Cards The Election Commission need to take initiative in this area.

Revaluation idea- Aadhaar biometrics Linking with Voter Machine can brings lots of Transparency in India and save lots of government money

References: PMOPG/E/2018/0227837

भ्रष्टाचार खत्म करने का बडे बडे वादे करने वाली सरकारे। मेरे देश का पैसा मेहनत का है। जब मन्द्रिका में िजी लोग ममले, स्कूल में िजी टीचर हटे आधार मलफिंकिंग से तो क्यो न वोटर id से भी आधार को जोड लोकतिंत्र को बचाया जाए, E voting से देश का 1000 cr बचेगा आधार को बैंक से जोडा, राशन से जोडा, गैस सब्सीडी से जोडा, pan से जोडा। पर आज तक मोदी जी या फकसी पाटी ने voter ID से mandatory जोडने की बात क्यों नही कही। क्या e votting या आधार वेररफिकेशन voting से सरकार के चुनाव का खचाा नही बचेगा।

Reference: PRSEC/E/2018/08129

Election Commission not to link poll rolls to Aadhaar

NEW DELHI: The Election Commission has suspended its five-month-old project to clean the electoral rolls by linking and authenticating voter I-card details with Aadhaar data, days after the Supreme Court ruled that the unique identification number could be used only for PDS and LPG distribution schemes.

Linking Aadhar with voter ID card will remove duplicacy in voter list: CEC H S Brahma

EC awaits Supreme Court nod to resume linking of Aadhaar with voter cards

On February 27, 2015, the Election Commission issued guidelines for linking EPIC with Aadhaar as part of the National Electoral Rolls Purification and Authentication Programme (NERPAP). It launched the programme on March 3.
One of the major objectives of NERPAP was to check multiple entries in electoral rolls and to make them error-free. For this purpose, Aadhaar number of electors was collected through various modes throughout the country.
But a Supreme Court order dated August 11, 2015 put paid to EC's ambitious plan to link Aadhaar to voters' I-card. While delivering judgment in a writ petition [Justice (retd) KS Puttaswamy and another versus Union of India and others), the apex court ordered stopping of the production of Aadhaar card as a condition for obtaining any benefits.
In the light of this order, EC suspended the linking of Aadhaar with EPIC with immediate effect.
But by then, EC had already collected and linked the Aadhaar cards of about 31 crore voters.

SC declares right to privacy as fundamental right under the Constitution. 

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