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Aadhar enabled Digital RTO #Digital India Aadhar enabled Hypothecated removal from car RC software process Digital India

Aadhar enabled  Hypothecated removal from car  RC software process #Digital India

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Subject:  Aadhar enable Digital RTO, One India one driving license Number – concept of e-Authority

Aadhar Number= driving license number
Aadhar enabled Hypothecated removal from car RC software process #Digital India   


PMOPG/E/2017/0367971 – Aadhar enabled Digital RTO

Response: RT Wing MVL Section:

Dear Sh Bhatia We thank you for your valuable thinking and suggestions and highlighting them to us. Your suggestions have been noted. We have already moved amendments in MV ACT and hope would redress the issues raised.
Thank you
Jai Hind

Key issue and observation in current process

    • Harassment of Vehicle owner /loan taker
    • Even after clear the loan Hypothecated is extra and unnecessary step 
    • scope of corruption at RTO as well as bank. 
    • Responsibility of bank also need to define 
    • Online process will bring lots of transparency 
    • Prevalent wrong doings, remove loophole 
    • Plug the hole so that the misuse can be put to an end 
    • Scope of corruption- an applicant will have to visit the transport offices to get a hard copy of the document once all the necessary requirements such as filing of application and payment of fees are done.


    One crore vehicles are registered in the national capital and around seven lakh others are registered every year. All over India wide this figure will be quite bigger.

    Suggestion/ Solution

    Suggestion inputs for Centralized software – UIDAI / Aadhar/Income tax dept./ Ministry of finance/ Department of revenue/RTO

    Aadhar enabled Digital RTO services must contain-        No physical document required due to Aadhar E-KYC validation-        Online form filling so no scope of spelling mistake.-        2 Emergency contact mobile number must be mandatory mentioning on driving license so that in case of any accident or emergency people can call the number mention in driving license-        2 Emergency contact mobile number must be mandatory mentioning car/ Bike / any vehicle for emergency safety of driver.-        Online application and Aadhar base e verification or E-KYC need not to come to RTO office-        Online driving license application, online exam and Aadhar base address and id verification e validation-        Online Address updating, transfer of vehicle RTO, renewal of license and registration-        online Payment of road tax and-        online payment /fees/ fitness fees, through UPI /BHIM/ Paytm/ mobilewiki/ net banking , bill desk…….-        online allotment of fancy registration numbers,-        online change of address in the registration certificate (RC) of a vehicle-        online deletion in vehicle registration.-        Driving license should be issue nation wise not like UP / MP…..-        no human interface at the department's offices.
    -        People do not have to visit the regional transport offices (RTO), need of a move intended to "eradicate corruption"


    • There should be automatic removal of Hypothecated  from car  RC after  Expiry of loan duration
    • Penalty clause for bank as well as authority also need to define. if within month they are not informing and clear the process of removal of bank or financial institution name after clear the loan 
    • Banks are not returning the duplicate key even after clear the loan.then penality need to impose by Government body 

    RTO services must contain barcode, QR code, electronic Chip

    Aadhar linking to stop duplicate of base data. Transparency in traffic police challan Aadhar enabled challan system bring maximum data of vehicle owner and no more fake challan or public harassment  in the name of fake cause. 

    Benefit to Public & Government of India

    1.  Online Aadhar enable e verification and application process reduce the harassment of public
    2. Save lots of government effort
    3.  Public get transparent system
    4. All license and all RTO work are digitalized and Aadhar enable e validation process bring lots of transparency
    5. Reduce ID and address documentation
    6. Reduce scope of black money and corrupt practice involvement
    7. Aadhar linking with RC , driving license and vehicle registration reduce scope of changing address again and again
    8. Reduce paperwork
    9. Public will get corruption free/dalal free environment
    10. Reduce government expense as less number of people needed in digital RTO , RTO call center or background team faster the process,

    Revenue Generation for Government body
    Fees to Hosting Body: 

    ·        Maximum Rs1/-  charges for Aadhar enable service from this software each transaction.
    Estimated earning for Hosting government body like income tax / UIDAI. for this service, Approximate 500+ cr. In years

    Current Process and scope of Corruption Information

    It is important to transfer ownership of the car from the bank’s name to your name. This process is called removal of hypothecation.

    Now what is important is to ensure that you receive two documents from the bank when you close down your car loan :

    1. a No Dues or No Objection certificate from the bank which essentially means that the bank has no objection to removing the hypothecation.

    2. 2 copies of Form 35 which will mention the termination of the hypothecation agreement between you and the bank.

    You need to collect the following documents and then go to the RTO.

    1. Original Bank NOC

    2. Original RC

    3. Original Form 35 (2 copies duly signed by the bank and registered owner)

    4. Copy of valid insurance – attested

    5. Copy of valid PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate – attested

    6. Copy of PAN Card – attested

    7. Copy of Address Proof – attested

    8. And if you current address is different form the one in RC, you also need Form 33

    One thing which people do not notice in car loan is the different rules in states. If you have change your address then in Delhi you need to inform RTO within 15 days otherwise you pay a penalty of Rs 100 p.m. from the date of change of address to the date you apply for removing hypothecation. This i got to know from my relative car which is registered in Delhi but they changed address in between. Now they have to Pay Rs 3000 for this process due to the rule above.

    Fees Note 2: Where the certificate of registration issued is in the form of any Smart Card Type, an additional fee of Rupees Two Hundred shall be charged except in the case of issue of fresh certificate of registration after cancellation of hire purchase or lease or hypothecation agreement.

    It is best to get the hypothecation removed when it is time to do so.

    Not getting it done means the insurance money will not go to you but to the bank because of the hypothecation not being removed, in case of any accident. Once the registration is clear and in your name, without an HP, the insurance HP reference will have to be removed as well. Both these things are relatively painless.

    (a duplicate key is always under the custody of the Financier/Bank - remember to collect the same when getting the NOC).

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