Monday, November 30, 2015

दलितों के साथ कौन D2H Operators and Service provider Scam -सरकार का कंट्रोल क्यों नहीं

Kathani or Karni me fark - desh Nahi Bikne dunga

दलितों के साथ कौन
सरकार का कंट्रोल क्यों नहीं D2H Operator/ Service provider पर । Air to Free चेेंनल पर चार्ज क्यों

सरकार की नीतियां हर किसी की पास न पहुचे इसलिए ये ऑपरेटर फ्री चेंनल पर भी चार्ज लगा रहा है

कही कोई दलित free चेंनल से पढ़ लिख न जाए

सरकार का कंट्रोल क्यों नहीं D2H Operator/ Service provider पर । Air to Free चेेंनल पर 130 चार्ज क्यों

खिचड़ी अब पक चुकी अब इन d2h ऑपरेटर्स जो डिजिटल के नाम पर दलाली कर रहे है इस देश से निकलने का समय आ गया है। #TRAI बराबर दोषी खराब नीतियों के लिए
पर भी corruption चार्ज लग्न चाहिए

Refuse to pay taxes if govt doesn't curb 'hydra-headed' corruption: Bombay HC 

 D2H Operator/ Service provider  Scam

#NGT #National Green Tribunal #TRAI #  #India 

रेफरन्स : PMOPG/E/2015/0166498 – D2H Service Provider Scam

Free Channel  Broadcasting should not be stop even No payment condition.
  • They have block DD doordarshan and other free air channels and stop knowing truth to general public 
  • Now public is only understanding or accepting the truth  shown by them through private news channels
  • All government policies and actual initiatives taken by government is not reached directly to the general public and massage is converted by private channels 
  • Free channels broadcasting stop in the name of package
  • In actual practice even no payment done   free channels should be broadcasted.
  • Digital India Aim is in trouble
  • Aim of education for everyone through D2H is in Trouble
  • Aim for affordable and free education aim is in dark. 


You Tube/ Microsoft / Google can bring revolution in Education Sector

1.                  To increase the free education program – education for every one- You tube or Microsoft can bring videos  related to their education course like maths, science at all level from class 1 to 12 or higher, technological video like engineering maintenance of  automobile, power plant etc. in number of fields.
2.                  Competitive environment creation for Social responsibility of Individual/ Schools/ Colleges and They should have target to publish the open video content on You Tube about education /Subject / technology/ Class room material-notes

All India Radio / DTH can bring in education channels 

3.                  HRD Ministry to play important role in this area. To reach to everyone  - Telecast / DTH providers can help in this subject to promote education. DD channel could be a good point to start. If government gives some special tax benefits then lot of private DTH providers and private parties also comes in front.
4.                  For Microsoft itself this is really good opportunity to promote “Bing” by investing in education program. Quality of service will help them to connect with all internet users, mobile users, also they can bring live education channel through DTH.

Cable / Mobile Network Pollution: 

My one friend came from Finland for business purpose & visiting India and she said she has heard that lots of cable & electricity Jhal and spread in India also caw are roaming in roads , She urge me that she want to to see the same . I was really feeling shame and after the sometime, I said to Merja, India is developing country and every day we are growing /developing the things, policies and adopting the best practices. I request her to not to project this kind of image in front of world and requested not to take this kind of picture. being an Indian we are not feeling good

As I know

1. Earlier we are paying cable operator 75/- to 100/- per month ,

2. Many places people are not paying up to year,

3. There was no service tax ,

Now a day’s big player comes in fiels and for same service

1. They are charging 231 /- to 500/- per month , In the name of digital and HD service

2. They are charging lots of extra amount which is not worth. But garbage wiring arrangement of cable and electricity as it is .

I would like to request to State Government as well as central government in India

1. To keep general public in mind and bring some policy /bill in this area , so that Aim of Clean India can be achieved

2. General Public will get service maximum / not more than 100/- per month for digitization,

3. Maximum cost of set up box should not be more then 500/- .

Videocon d2h manipulation in the name of clarification- देश  की जनता को ठगा  जा रहा है।

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