Thursday, October 15, 2015

Motivation and Circle of Influence

Motivation and Circle of Influence

Mind blowing explanation

Circle of Influence

Make List of Dream 
Make List of Friends
Make List of Mentors

Oh  My Goodness
Dream Big
Find out the network

    • Blog
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
Public Speaking
Get Connected

Go to conference of really successful people
really admire
don't afraid
Believe to be wealthy
Visualization Board
Dream Board
Networking Environment


3 Important  Key Learnings are

  • Your Posture 
    • Presence in Business
    • Cloth
    • How do we showup?
  • Simple eye contact
  • Smile 
    • you really mean it
  • Listen and care about Other people
    • Ask the question about himself , People love to talk about himself 
    • Remember you
    • Like yourself
    • Love your self

  • Building Relationship
    • Common Interest
  • Talk to them and meet them

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