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आधार को कमजोर करने की कोशिश की जा रही है। Why SC’s move to limit Aadhaar usage- Aadhar based system a move towards double digit India GDP in next 2 years

देश पहले  - एक कदम देश की तरक्की के नाम। 

Potential of development of India

आधार को कमजोर करने  की कोशिश की जा रही है।  देश तरक्की कर रहा हे वो कोण लोग है  जो भारत माँ से प्यार नहीं करते और देश की तरक्की में रोड़ा बन कर खड़े हो गए है। 

"Why SC’s move to limit Aadhaar usage"

चुनाव नजदीक है, लगता मोदी जी भी नहीं चाहते की आधार सशक्त  हो। 

Mandatory Aadhaar linking with Voter Identity Cards to stop Bogus Voting - Need of nation

भ्रष्टाचार खत्म करने का बडे बडे वादे करने वाली सरकारे। मेरे देश का पैसा मेहनत का है। जब मन्द्रिका में िजी लोग ममले, स्कूल में िजी टीचर हटे आधार मलफिंकिंग से तो क्यो न वोटर id से भी आधार को जोड लोकतिंत्र को बचाया जाए, E voting से देश का 1000 cr बचेगा आधार को बैंक से जोडा, राशन से जोडा, गैस सब्सीडी से जोडा, pan से जोडा। पर आज तक मोदी जी या फकसी पाटी ने voter ID से mandatory जोडने की बात क्यों नही कही। क्या e votting या आधार वेररफिकेशन voting से सरकार के चुनाव का खचाा नही बचेगा।

Reference:  PMOPG/E/2016/0039688 - Trump Card Indian economy growth -  Aadhaar 

Aadhar based system a move towards  double-digit India GDP in next 2 years

Masterstroke - India GDP will be in double-digit in next 2 years

Aadhar Number= unique Patient ID No, Idea and solution to stop Corruption -Unethical Practice in Medical Profession -Aadhar Enable Integrated Medical Professional Software

Plan to go paperless at airports hits Aadhaar hurdle

UIDAI - the Unique Identification Authority of India refused to share biometric data with aviation authorities.

“UIDAI has refused to share biometric data with us due to security reasons.

EPFO says Aadhaar data is safe

NCRB chief in favour of giving police limited access to Aadhaar data

access to Aadhaar data was needed to be given to police for the purpose of catching first-time offenders and for identification of unidentified bodies, National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)
80 to 85 percent of the criminals every year are first time offenders with no records (of them available) with the police. "But they also leave their fingerprints while committing a crime there is a need for limited access to Aadhaar so that we can catch them," he said.

40,000 unidentified bodies were recovered every year. With access to Aadhaar, these could be identified and handed over to their relatives, 
(Aadhaar) matter was pending before the Supreme Court, limited access for these two purposes it will be good for investigation,

The UIDAI has also refused to share Aadhaar biometric data for crime investigations, as proposed by the chief of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). The NCRB had sought a limited access to Aadhaar data to be given to police for the purpose of catching first-time offenders and for identification of unidentified bodies. 

Aa dhar Enable Integrated Rent Agreement/Police verification Concept Process   

Applications of the Aadhaar (UID) & direct transfer of benefits in various sectors.

Aadhar enabled Digital RTO #Digital India Aadhar enabled Hypothecated removal from car RC software process Digital India

Benami Property search started -Benami assets - linking with Aadhar

Direct Benefit Transfer leads to Rs 50,000-crore savings for government in 3 years 

UAN Enabled EPF Withdrawal Online if Aadhar, PAN, and Bank KYC updated PF Partial withdrawal Rule 19,10C and for advance form 31

"Why SC’s move to limit Aadhaar usage"

SC declares right to privacy as fundamental right under the Constitution. 

Current challenges

1. Temporary employee do not have address proof document to start

2. Auto wala / Sabji wala / Kirane wala / Street vender / Rikshewala/ shop keeper/ salesman at shops donot have ID and address proof

3. They are not able to open there account in any bank due to this ID & address proof limitation in KYC,

4. Black Money due to unclarity in income  at doctor and Lawyer end

Scope of implementing aadhar UID

Identify such applications where concrete results can be achieved in next two months, accelerating the delivery of benefits, and expanding the applications of the Aadhaar (UID) platform

1. Buying auto,CAR, Bike and commercial vehicle, RC registration in anywhere in India with any address in India with aadhar card and pan card.

2. Buying Gold (un regularised sector – Tax chori, Unfair practice)

3. Buying Properties (un regularised sector – Tax chori, Unfair practice)

4. Street vender/ Shop Worker/ Sales man / Taxi Driver Unique Identification

5. Medical Professional Hospital / Doctor /Test center/ Patient Unique Identification (Unfair practice by Doctors)

Aadhar Number= unique Patient ID No

6. All Student (from class -1 till …..) should get Unique identification No

7. All Real Estate / Property buyer

8. All lawyer aadhar registration for filing online  pre case report in court for faster case resolution .

9. Traceability and accountability of Lawyers

10. Faster police verification of criminal track record due to this aadhar linking, all jail criminal aadhar registration and to develop base for  policy for their correctness.

11.Aadhar linking with rent agreement

12 Aadhar implementation need to be mandatory in all career portal like #naukri  #monster #timesjob #employment exchange  etc for traceability of unemployment in country and policy making for their betterment

13, Aadhar implementation in school, Nursery admission,  college , Engineering , medical, commerce, science colleges for their policy making for betterment  and finding the teacher student ration or possibility of development in this segment.
14. Promoting e governance

15. Promoting digital India Aim

16. Aadhar implementation need to be mandatory in all career portal like real estate portal sites like magic bricks, 99acres, housing .com  olx, sulekha to trace the genuine seller and buyer to bring transparency in this sector

17. To give Identification for Auto Drivers, Truck Drivers, App base driver like Uber, Ola
mandatory in , no  #sc #highcourt #lawyer #doctor #testlabs #Budget2016

18 . Duplicity and stopping unethical practice at in election voting. Aadhaar linking need to be mandatory to stop Bogus Voter Identity Cards The Election Commission need to take initiative in this area.
Kind Attention Election Commission

Revaluation idea- Aadhaar biometrics Linking with Voter Machine can brings lots of Transparency in India and save lots of government money

19 Aadhar enabled Digital RTO #Digital India

Implementation of DBT schemes

1. Implement Tax benefit on consultation with doctor ( Help to trace doctors Income and unfair practice)

Hospital / Doctor /Test center/ Patient Unique Identification (Unfair practice by Doctors)

2. Income Tax benefit to parent on Education fee (help to trace unfair practice in collages and school

TAX Benefit on Child Education

3. Currently tax benefit for child education is Rs. 200 only that is quite old and far away from current situation. People are paying Rs. 3000 to 6000 per month for child school fee. Government need to increase this tax benefit amount to atleast Rs. 3000 per month for child education to promote education level in India

Aadhaar enrollment, and the direct transfer of benefits in various sectors.

1. Please allow aadhar no enrolment on shop /office address or self-declared address, age declaration along with immediate opening of bank account on Pradhan Mantry Yojna, also immediate form filling of EPF & PAN card on bases of decleration

2. At lease government have data base of finger print and eye ratina collected with self-declared address and date of birth.

3. All People should get Identity Card May be government post office can help in this subject.
School fees direct transfer in school Bank A/c

Education Sector

  1. All Fees should be transferred directly in school account by NEFT or cheque. At the same time schools have to mention PAN Number / TIN Number in all receipts.
  2. PAN/ TIN /BAR code mandatory in all school fees receipts
  3. Every fees receipt should have Bar code / TIN Number / PAN Number

Strengthening of the institutional mechanism related with Aadhaar and DBT

1. Transparency in sector due to linking of aadhar card

2. At lease government have data base of Individual picture, finger print and eye retina collected with self-declared address and date of birth.

3. Immediately opening of PAN will help their traceability.

4. Help Data base for insurance sector

5. Help to improve implementing Health policies

6. General public get at least identity.

7. Good track data base for Police

8. Tractability of transaction done by shop keeper

9. This segment employee will get respective accountability & identification may contribute in nation economy.

10. Black Money involvement reduces.

11. Government have data bank segment wise

12. This sector will regularize.

13. Direct Pan Card linking will give great control

Government Initiatives

Modi ji promoted and Simplify the Aadhar registration for children and people do not have aadhar due to these address and id proof chaker view now people can introduce the people . No of additional doc added 

Apple, Google poised for a clash with Modi government over phone encryption 

A few weeks ago, government officials invited executives from Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and Alphabet Inc.'s Google to a meeting to discuss embedding Aadhaar encryption into their technology.

In recent weeks has rolled out a digital payments infrastructure built on top of the program.

the government plans to ramp up and add a host of other services including education and health care.

Indian companies like Flipkart, Paytm and Snapdeal are already making their digital payments and services compatible with Aadhaar.

Samsung is the only global device-maker currently making an Aadhaar-friendly device, a tablet that's reportedly selling well.

Microsoft is said to be working with the government to link Skype with the Aadhaar database so the video calling service can be used to make authenticated calls. 
Reference ET:  15 sep 2016

UIDAI will set up an online system for an Aadhaar number holder to "lock" his biometrics for a specific duration or permanently, and unlock it temporarily when needed for biometric authentication to get a service. 

Aadhaar number holder shall have the right to access his authentication records online - like how many times he has used Aadhaar and for what. 

e-KYC with banks or other agencies which accept Aadhaar based KYC - this will be an alternative to having to keep and furnish a physical copy of Aadhaar. 

World Bank approaches Unique Identification Authority of India to share its experiences with other countries

ET 09 Sep 2016

UIDAI is taking care to not share the intricate security and IT details of the Aadhaar project with the foreign countries who intend to replicate the same. "We are only sharing the broad framework and architecture of the Aadhaar project, the enrolment and authentication strategy followed by us and the update process. UIDAI cannot execute the project for any foreign country as we are bound by the Aadhaar Act which applies only to India," 

"The legal framework of Aadhaar completely maintains secrecy. 

There is a legal provision in Aadhaar that owner of Aadhaar even with his own consent cannot reveal to anyone his biometric details -- his iris and finger prints," Prasad said. 

even police cannot take Aadhaar details unless their is proper court order. 

"Only in case of national security, the core biometrics iris and finger print can be revealed... and that too there will be a committee under joint secretary which will be affirmed by Cabinet secretary," Prasad said. 

Now Aadhaar needed for filing PILs: Madras High Court

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) NPCI plans to inculcate Aadhaar-based payments in UPI 2.0

Yes Bank, Nearby Tech bring Aadhaar-enabled cardless & pinless ATM service

Using the PayNEARBY mobile application on a smart phone, a retailer can become an Aadhaar ATM/Aadhaar Bank branch for cash withdrawals and deposits by a customer, Yes Bank said in a release.

Fintech startup Nearby Technologies has tied up with Yes Bank to provide Aadhaar- enabled cardless and pinless ATM service by which customers can deposit or withdraw money at retailers' place.

By using the Aadhaar number and fingerprint, a customer can do cash withdrawal or any other transactions from these locations.

Centre to link driving licence with Aadhaar: Supreme Court told

The Centre is in the process of linking driving licences with Aadhaar number to weed out fake licences and a software for this covering all states on a real time basis is under preparation.

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