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Women ,Child and Senior citizen safety is country as well as world first priority

Women, Child, and senior citizen safety is country as well as world first priority 

Out of  Box Solution

what does any general person can say about victim punishment - only hope from the government something very strong for women safety..

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Imagine if "punishment in Arab countries for theft & rape" is implemented in India.

I heard no one dare for theft in Arab countries due to strong punishment. what do you think anyone can dare for theft and rape ....

I also like the concept of punishment shown in Holiday movie  Akhshay Kumar cutting finger every time of victim . really heads off the wonderful concept .... same kind of punishment should be happen with victim of rape and murder cases. giving life time jail or hang till death is really very small punishment for these victim.

Ganga Jal Movie - cruel punishment to the victim - they are filling ganga jal in eyes of victim - no one can dare to rape, theft... or no crime
Concept 3
Victim say punishment for one murder also hang till death and same for 10 murders also  ---- dialogue of one movie in which Nana Patekar  say  1 murder your one hand will cut another murder  another hand also cut and then both lag also cut and through you to cross road , you do not have hand  for eating and not for cleaning.

Reference Taken: Mindblowing initiative and activity have done at the Local circle in “Transform India with Modi”


The lack of safety of women and children in India is a concern for all. In the wake of recent
incidents of crime against women and children in different parts of the country, it has
become imperative that fast actions and sustainable steps be taken to minimize incidents
against our Women and Children.

Key Issues Identified

1. Rapes
2. Killings
3. Assaults
4. Family Violence
5. Abuse (Physical and Verbal)
6. Sexual harassment at work
7. Eve teasing
8. Human trafficking
9. Child abduction
10. Child molestation
11. Child labour

Root Causes Identified

1. Men are not sensitive enough about women needs and their place in civil society
2. Women are still considered inferior to men
3. Men try to dominate women
4. Hard punishment is not given to offenders
5. Weak and time consuming judicial system
6. Not enough electronic surveillance around the cities
7. Non-existent/Ineffective emergency numbers and response mechanism to tackle
women and child emergency situations
8. Lack of moral education in India’s education system
9. The Police is ineffective, has a bad image and considered not approachable
10. Lack of Women Toilets, special compartments, security in general.
11. Girl child is still treated as a taboo in various communities
12. Low literacy rates in rural India
13. Insufficient or Ineffective Self Help Groups
14. Child labour laws not implemented effectively
15. Electronic/print media projecting women as a commodity and an object of desire

Solutions Identified

1. Reporting of crime against women to be made very quick and easy
2. Stricter censorship of movies, print and electronic media content
3. Sex education to be provided at school
4. Self-defence programs should be made mandatory for children at school
5. Counsellors in all government and private schools
6. A one-stop emergency helpline should be developed to help women/children in any
7. Setting up the dedicated, fast track benches in the existing courts with strict and
harsh punishment for the offenders
8. Increase electronic surveillance
9. Women need to be empowered through Mobile and Social Media
10. Educating the society about gender discrimination
11. Better facilities for sanitation should be provided in rural areas
12. The image of police should be given a makeover and they should become easy to
13. More representation of Women and their participation in law making
14. Special court with retired IPS & Judges(50% female) for rape, deadline within 60 days
verdict should be out
15. Punishment of 14 years or higher for rape, and death for rape & murder

Women and Child Safety- Special Comment by General Public

  1. Mass media should not promote women as object of desire – Ashu Jain
  2. Promote seminars in schools for love and care to living beings. Make them to think what other will feel of their rude behaviour and what you feel when others behave to you on the same situation – Varun Raj
  3. Fast track courts should be set up and rape, molestation cases should be solved quickly so that the victims don’t undergo the trauma for years. Justice should be immediate, not prolonged. The courts should be able to distinguish between a genuine case and a fake case filed for revenge. The verdict should be delivered within 1-3 months – Vijaylakshmi Narayanan
  4. Provide physical zones of comfort & ease of travel within the Transport system for women and very young children - special compartments, toilets, security, emergency buttons, etc. – Kayar Raghavan 
  5. Ban pornography web sites and display of women as article media. Social values should be emphasized in the school, colleges and as well as in organised and unorganized sectors – Sonali Potankar 
  6. Human trafficking is a key issue in this regard. – Srinivasan Shishadri 
  7. FIRs to made online ...& site to under strict checks & balances by special team for proper functioning 24 hrs – B. K. Gupta
  8. We required one or two police station only for women in each district where women can freely talk to police about her problem. Most of the time women feels shy to explain about their problem to the male staff. If the whole police station is only for the women then they feel safe as well they listen to women problem. This police station is operational 24* 7. Only rape centre proposed in each district not the solution but we required special women police cell who tackle each and every kind of situation. Now a days eve teasing cases are increasing day by day so we need a special force who handle such kind of cases. Also we required strict law for the women safety and we required such cases should be highlighted in public which will give example to others – Robin Tiwari 
  9. Link the appraisals of the police station personnel’s to the crime rates / incidents in their area of control – Chittaranjan Ghosh 
  10. Provide a platform at colony /RWA level for residents in the colony to be able to report (option to report anonymously may be considered if it is felt to have due merit) cases of eve teasing – Ashish Saxena
  11. Provide incentives to the police stations (Divided equally to the staff equally) who record the maximum numbers of FIRs related to women/child abuse, rape, molestations, eve teasing. This way at least maximum number of records will exist. then solutions to each FIRs is the next step – Chakresh Jain
  12. It is agreed women in the society are being marginalized and atrocities are being played on them. Strong rules and regulations are needed. But a safety valve is needed in these rules and regulations so that misuse is prevented – Rajinder Arya
  13. There shouldn't be any compromise on women safety and child abuse Senior citizen Old edge people. There should be time frame for implementation and execution. Major concern is fake family Violence cases, large segments of the population still facing lots of difficulties, troubles and pains in the old age parents and other family members which include women on the other side as well. Some serous punishment should also be fixed against those register fake cases – Ram Sharma 
  14. Awareness regarding legal protection for women and children ensured by the government in these issues may be given effectively through Television which is the most spreading medium. Political parties should not safe guard the offenders –Easwaran TC
  15. First and the foremost, the police should be educated to behave properly with women in distress. I have witnessed some cases where the police are too rude with women when they approach them for justice at their level and the women in distress are driven out and sometimes they are branded badly instead of the culprit, because they don't want to take any complaints and probe into the crime, but wash their hands off. It is easier to drive away a lady than a man unless the media exposes their actions. If the police take strict action against the offenders then the rate of crime against women and girl children will come down drastically. But that is not the case in many instances, bribe plays a key role in many criminal activities and once offender bribes the police he is let free and he becomes like a man eater which tastes the flesh of the humans and starts attacking more and more humans for food, as he also now knows that by bribing the police he can go scot free and he can continue with more and more such serious offences without getting into legal tangles – Veidehi Chillakumari 
  16. The biggest cause of girls not being wanted in society is the prevailing dowry system in arranging marriages. Things have gone completely out of hand in the villages especially since the girls family has to bear the cost of the marriage as well as the dowry provided. Therefore girls are looked upon as a financial liability which causes tension and distress in most families that have girls to marry off – Adhiraj Dutt 

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