Monday, February 2, 2015

Smart Indian Railway - Idea for Unwanted plastic waste reduction

Water quality improvement: Duplicate water brand at bus station and railway station, Unwanted plastic waste reduces.

Just like aqua guard establish big filter machine at station and supply cool water

Quality of service delivery

- very Important: so only big player

Strong Penalty clause
For poor service, for any manipulation
Digital display have to be shown for purity of water. RO , UV, Maintenance of Machine , filter replace every  and service  ( Should not be any scope for any corruption)
Proposed cost 1/- per letter

1. Employment increase,
2. no more duplicate brand,
3. plastic waste reduces
4. Govt. income Source will increase.
5. Government liability will reduce
6. Responsibility and accountability of maintaining maintenance will increase due to big player
Big Player like Bisleri, aqua, Pepsi, Cocacola, ...tipical branded companies need to be invited for service , delivery and maintenance
7. Income from carbon credit will increase due to no plastic waste  

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