Friday, January 30, 2015

Requirement of National Level Education Fee regulatory Bill

Requirement of National Level Education Fee regulatory Bill

  •                   All School, Engineering colleges, Medical colleges are charging unwanted fees  in the name of development fees, infrastructure fees, books, library, donation fee etc. This requires re-evaluation to stop black money involvement. For all receipts, TIN number or Pan Number should be compulsory. These schools / colleges should be treated as small scale industries – type – Education. 


  •              Transparency in charges / fees structure framework is required. National Level common fees regulatory bill required.
  •              Fees should be as per School Grading system of school or colleges (G1to G5) as per facility standard like 
         Ranking of institutions and accreditations
      Proposed Grading of School

  •                 Development fee is applicable in new schools only up to 4 years from registration / establishment of school while various old schools are still charging these fees continuously.

  •              All components of fee structure need to be fixed nation wise and school/college have to publish detail on Internet as well as Government Income tax site. All fee receipts must have Bar code / Pan No/ TIN No etc.

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