Friday, January 23, 2015

भक्त कृपया धयान दे। Developing India - #2019 #Election - मोदी गवर्नमेंट के जीतने की संभावनाए Vs जनता की expectation

भक्त  कृपया धयान  दे। Developing India Priorities should have
#2019 #Election - मोदी गवर्नमेंट के जीतने की संभावनाए  Vs  जनता की expectation 

Har Hal Me laksha Ko Pana he...
Laksha -

Developing India Key Priorities should have 
1.Idea of smart city-proper roads management and market traffic management 

2. Increase opportunity of education (right of education) 

3. Transparency requirement in School/collage Fees 
4. Transparency in Nursery Education Admission 
5. Development of railway station at Delhi 

6. Regularizing & Development of street food / city culuture to promote tourism and more job in delhi food chain small entrepreneur/ enterprise to promote city culture.

Street Food 24X7 Concept in Delhi /every city to Increase employment, to increase tourism, and promote culture. Government need to give free ground space to implement this concept for " minimum- 1000 Shop" 

7. Government need to bring local Sabji mondies in every 5 KM , they need to set up free field to increase employment and reduce costliness of food items. best practices can be adopted from satpula ,Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh weekly mandies developed there and made by cconcrete and Sheded , easy momovement posible, outside parking possible , for cleaning of space government has given third party contract , Municiple corporation has important role in this 

8. No More Human trafficking -भीख मॅंागते बचचे़ अकसर METRO य़ा Public Place पर देखे जाते है। य़े बचचे़ किसी न किसी गेंग का शिकार होते है। य़े बचचे़ वे होते है जो अपहरन का शिकार होते है। 

9. Temporary employment in all sector including government should be regularized in India 

10 . Possibility to reduce 50% of electricity bill key concept 

11. To build very transparent system in India / Corruption free India- Working of Govt Offices, Bio metrics in government office, digitization of all government office public document start from DDA, AIIMS,labor, .... many more , out source to document scan company and use SQL database and data mining technique to make useful information and cloud base system, web base system help public to trace their document on line and in log run it will help government to implement many good policy. every thing should link with aadhar no as login or PAN No ..... no more black money in Delhi 

12. Idea & solution to stop Corruption & Unethical Practice in Medical Profession

Very Motivative - no one can stop development of India

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