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PNB fraud:India's biggest bank scam- Grievance for banking sector – Appeal for Penalty on bank for Poor service. All banks SBI ,PNB, Bank of Baroda minimum balance issue- हम अच्छी सेवाओं की पेशकश के लिए banks को सेवा कर GST का भुगतान करते हैं Poor service me पेनल्टी क्लॉज क्यों लापता है

Banking sector – Appeal for Penalty on bank for Poor service. हम अच्छी सेवाओं की पेशकश के लिए banks को सेवा कर GST भुगतान करते हैं तो Poor service me पेनल्टी क्लॉज क्यों लापता है

Bank should need a slap hard for breaking personal privacy and data act.

The standard Chatted bank case

Sharing and giving credit card and pin to third party.

HDFC Bank Case

Fake note comes from ATM refer below blog for detail

SBI Case

Loss of Rs 25,000 – Must read for every husband-wife who have SBI debit card

It has been stressed a lot many times by the State Bank of India (SBI), that sharing your ATM Card is non-transferable. The rule from SBI mentions that no one other than the account holder should use it. However, a woman from Bangalore who was on her maternity leave learnt the SBI's rule the hard way.

The rule from SBI mentions that no one other than the account holder should use it. However, a woman from Bangalore who was on her maternity leave learnt the SBI’s rule the hard way.
It has been stressed a lot many times by the State Bank of India (SBI), that sharing your ATM Card is non-transferable. In fact, the rule from SBI mentions that no one other than the account holder should use it. However, a woman from Bangalore who was on her maternity leave learnt the SBI’s rule the hard way. As reported by The Times of India, the incident dates back to November 14, 2013, when Vandana, who was pregnant at that time gave her debit card to her husband, Rajesh Kumar to withdraw a sum of Rs 25,000 from an SBI ATM nearby. To withdraw the money, Vandana provided the ATM PIN to her husband. But the series of events took a different when the ATM machine showed a slip where it mentioned that the money was debited, however, the sum of money was never released from the ATM!
When the ATM failed to dispatch the money, husband Rajesh gave a call to the bank and mentioned the happening. However, the bank responds that the ATM machine was at fault and the money would be reverted to the account within 24 hours, reports Times of India. However, even after days the money never made back to the account. Rajesh made a visit to the SBI’s Helicopter Division branch at HAL and lodged a formal complaint. However, this is where the story took a mew turn as SBI allegedly shut down the case in a matter of few days. The bank stated that the transaction was correct and the customer received the sum of money.
The couple managed to get the CCTV footage of the date when Rajesh went to take out the money from the ATM. The footage allegedly shows Rajesh at the ATM and that no money was dispatched from the machine. The couple again lodged a complaint with the bank. This time, an investigation committee was formed at the bank which ruled that account and cardholder Vandana was not seen in the footage. SBI recalled their ‘non-transferable’ rule and claimed that the account holder was not the ATM user, and thus it holds the right to turn down the money claims made by the couple.

In the meantime, Vandana got her hands on the cash verification report of that particular ATM for the date November 16, 2013, through an RTI. The cash verification report from that ATM mentions an excess cash of Rs 25,000 in the machine. Following this, the cash verification report was submitted to the court. However, SBI counsel produced another report which fails to show any excess cash. Before heading towards the consumer forum, Vandana and Rajesh made a final plea to the bank, who stated, ‘PIN shared, case closed.’
Being unsatisfied with the ruling, about a year later, on October 21, 2014, Vandana went to the Bangalore IVth Additional District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum. Here she alleged that the State Bank had failed to make the refund of Rs 25,000 which she had lost in the ATM transaction. Vandana made claims that she had just had her baby and could not move out. Thus she gave the ATM card to her husband along with the PIN to withdraw the money on her behalf reports Times of India.
The case continued for the next three-and-a-half years. Vandana and Rajesh were still short of Rs 25,000 and stood their grounds that SBI should refund their money which could not be recovered due to an ATM flaw. However, SBI continued to maintain their stance and cited their rule that sharing ATM PIN with someone else was a violation.
SBI produced documents, which included log records. These records showed that the ATM transaction was successful and was technically correct. However, the final verdict came from the court on May 29, 2018. The Times of India report states that the court ruled against that Vandana and Rajesh. The court mentions that instead of sharing the PIN and making him withdraw the money, Vandana should have given a self-cheque, if not an authorisation letter to her husband to withdraw the sum of Rs 25,000
The court finally dismissed the case.

PNB fraud:India's biggest bank scam

पंजाब नेशनल बैंक के महाघोटाले का मामला अब सुप्रीम कोर्ट पहुंच गया है. घोटाले से जुड़ी एक याचिका सुप्रीम कोर्ट में दायर की गई है और पीएनबी के वरिष्ठ अधिकारियों के खिलाफ एफआईआर दर्ज कर कार्रवाई की मांग की गई है.
ये याचिका वकील विनीत ढांडा ने दाखिल की है. याचिका में कहा गया है कि इस मामले में पंजाब नेशनल बैंक के वरिष्ठ अधिकारियों के खिलाफ एफआईआर दर्ज कर कारवाई की जाए.
इसके अलावा याचिका में ये मांग भी की गई है कि केंद्र सरकार को निर्देश दिया जाए कि नीरव मोदी का जल्द प्रत्यार्पण किया जाए. साथ ही दस करोड़ रुपये से ऊपर के बैंक लोन के लिए गाइडलाइन बनाई जाएं.
-जो लोग लोन डिफॉल्टर हैं उनकी संपत्ति तुरंत सीज करने जैसै नियम बनाए जाएं.
-एक एक्सपर्ट पैनल का गठन हो जो बैंकों द्वारा 500 करोड़ और उससे ज्यादा के बैड लोन का अध्ययन कर कोर्ट को दे.
याचिका में ये भी कहा गया है कि बड़े लोगों को राजनीतिक लोगों का सरंक्षण प्राप्त होता है इसलिए वो पकड़ में नहीं आते हैं.

मोदी सरकार  का नोट बंदी  का निर्णय  अच्छा  था।  पर  नोट बंदी  में जमा हुए इतने सरे पैसे को देखकर बैंको की नियत ख़राब हो गई और वो उसे  गपाने  के नए नए  तरीके खोजने लगे।

SBI  की मिनिमम बैलेंस पालिसी इसका जीता जगता उद्धरण है।

मोदी सरकार  की  नोट  बंदी  को गलत साबित करने में SBI का मेजर हाथ।  SBI के निर्णय विवेक पूर्ण  नहीं ये नोट बंदी में जमा पैसे को गपाने  की नियत  से है।

This type of decision damaging image of current government governance model and transparency.

It shows poor government control over banking sector.

Senior citizen crying in SBI Indore due to minimum balance decision as his monthly pension is Rs 2300

SBI minimum charge it’s become an issue between student and daily wages worker who have bank ac

Bank should have to give penalty if No cash available or down due to poor service in ATM.

SBI collects Rs235 crore in minimum balance fine in 1st quarter

SBI collects Rs 235 crore in minimum balance fine in June qtr: RTI

SBI Savings Account: Minimum Balance Rules

SBI spent Rs 775 crore in maintaining Jan Dhan accounts: Government

Minimum Balance Penalty to Offset Costs of Jan Dhan Accounts, Says SBI Chief Arundhati Bhattacharya

बचत खाते में मिनिमम बैलेंस की सीमा बढ़ाएगा SBI, 31 करोड़ लोगों पर पड़ेगा असर

महीने में दो बार sbi ने minimum balance maintenance के नाम पर पैसे काटे , ऐसे लगता है कि बैंकों ने भी उगाही का नया तरीका इजात कर लिया है.

सामान्य विधार्थी और दिहाडी मजदूरो की जेब पे और एक डाका SBI क minimum balance rule सामान्य जन त्रस्त सरकार मस्त

भारतीय स्टेट बैंक ने पिछले 3 महीने में मिनिमम बैलेंस मेंटेन ना करने पर ₹235.06 करोड़ फाइन के रुप में वसूले हैं

Don’t pay taxes if government fails to curb corruption: HC

सरकार का कंट्रोल और एटीएम में फेक नोटों के जरिया आम जनता को ठगा  जा रहा।  बैंकों में नकेल कब कसेगी सरकार। क्या टेक्निकल असमर्थ है  RBI बैंकों पैर नकेल कसने में।

Looking for support from PMO India to bring Policy framework and rules and regulation in India to stop this kind of malpractice & financial penalty on bank, So that general public should not be harassed, currently there is no rule in RBI / Bank to solve this kind of issue.

Again & again same kind of issue from bank ATM - No government control - 

General public Loosing the trust on Banking ATM system due to fake and damage notes comes from Bank ATM

Case-1: Fake note Issue from bank ATM. Case mention below
Date: 02/09/2014 time 18:41,
Record No 5424,
ATM Information: PIDCMU30,
HDFC Bank, Kalu Sarai Village Office,

Bank ATM: HDFC Bank

HDFC Atm No - P1DCMU30 date 02 sep 2014 time 18:41 Kalu Sarai Village ATM withdrawal of 10000/- (10X1000) one note of 1000/- is face (8AG 943694) and come from atm , not received proper solution to register my issue on customer care only they have hold me for 5-7 minute
Request to PMO India:  If Fake note comes from Bank ATM then bank harassing customer to go to ATM and banks and showing its vendor mistake we have outsource feeding ATM. no Witten rule information with bank and customer care how to handle this kind of cases and after wasting 2 month of customer if bank returning same amount to customer. So it is not fare because this is bank mistake why should customer bear. 100 times of penalty have to be paid by bank for their mistake.

They have not checked CCTV camera at atm m/c as per record and time mention
Date: 02/09/2014 time 18:41,
Record No 5424,
ATM Information: PIDCMU30,
HDFC Bank, Kalu Sarai Village Office,
Bank ATM: HDFC Bank

I have given sufficient supporting doc but bank try to hide the fact in the name of technology but in other word they are supporting black money or fake note. I may be stop but this is question of my country economy.
1000/- fake note exchange later on cash by HDFC Bank. They have taken fake note from me and given me another 1000/- note as exchange in cash after 2 month.
I have 2 concern
1. What action has bank taken to ensure atm feeding mechanism to stop ATM farziwada?
2. 100 times of penalty compensation due to atm farziwada of fake note comes from bank atm it is really serious issue and it is hurting my country economy due to this fake note issue.

Going to court for legal filing may bank fall in heavy penalty. Please correct solution at bank level. I am really not interested to file case in court
Sweet English Reply from HDFC Bank- HDFC Reference- HBL  031-881-043 
We would like to inform you that we are unable to view any credit of Rs 1000/- in your account towards fake note. We would request you to confirm the date when you have received the credit of the said amount.
 We wish to inform that the cash replenished in the ATM's are sorted by machines recommended by RBI. There is a nil possibility of getting the fake/ mutilated/ torn notes passed by those machines.
 Overall Bank is using all possible technologies and procedures to ensure no fake note is dispensed from the ATM by any chance. Hence, Bank regrets its inability to accept your claim.
Case-2 Damage note comes from bank ATM M/C
Date: 01/11/2014, Time: 13:48,
 ATM ID CPAW20603,
Record No 2359
Bank ATM : Axis Bank

Request to PMO India:  If damage note comes from bank ATM M/C and bank harassing customer by wasting customer time and exchanging the note, so bank is not giving any favour it is bank fault that they have inter wrong note so that customer get trouble there should be some penalty clause for bank also means bank need to pay 5 to 10 time of amount for their mistake.

Case -3 : Damage note comes from bank ATM M/C
Date 27/08/2015, Time: appx. 21:30,
Bank ATM: Axis Bank
Request to PMO India:  If damage note comes from bank ATM M/C and bank harassing customer by wasting customer time and exchanging the note, so bank is not giving any favour it is bank fault that they have inter wrong note so that customer get trouble there should be some penalty clause for bank also means bank need to pay 5 to 10 time of amount for their mistake. 

Response from Axis Bank

PG Portal Reference:DEABD/E/2015/06883

A sweet english reply- quality of service is not measurable, Missing thing is penalty clause for bank mistake, No surprise audit process , customer satisfaction and surety to zero customer harassment is still missing.

Sent: 24-09-2015; 14:33 Dear

Sir, We refer to your CP Gram complaint registration number DEABD/E/2015/06883 expressing your concerns over the dispensation of damaged currency on 2 specific occasions at Axis Bank ATM. As discussed ruing our telephone conversation on September 24, 2015, the management of Cash Loading is currently being done in line with the RBI guidelines. We have however noted your feedback and highlighted the same to our ATM team for them to ensure loading of good quality genuine bank notes. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. For any further clarifications, you may write to us at Assuring you of our best services,

Ashok Sunar, Nodal Officer Team Axis Bank NPC 1. 5th Floor Gigaplex Plot No I.T. 5 MIDC Airoli Knowledge Park Airoli Navi Mumbai - 400 708. Ph. (off.) 022-7131 5304 / 5288

Case-4: No home loan repay option online through NEFT on nationalized private banks (AXIS)

Played by Private nationalized Bank (like axis bank) No government control , banks are playing not to provided online home loan repay option and saying pay by cheque and wait for 9 days for amount adjustment against your loan.

Looking for corrective action in customer favour and penalty clause for bank for harassment of customer

Reply from Axis Bank Loan unit
A sweet english reply- quality of service is not measurable, they are making rocket science software for repayment of loan online , false promise from last 3 years. no willingness of bank to solve the issue, what is the time commitment (Date of implement) of bank to finish this kind of rocket science software

Oct 5

Dear Mr. Bhatia,

This is in reference to your email dated September 9, 2015 regarding your loan account.

Thank you for your valuable feedback and would like to inform to you that as a part of digital initiative we are working towards online payment option to all our customers. Very soon this facility will be made available to all customers. 

Once online payment facility is available, we will inform all our customers separately. 

In case if the customer is requesting for online payment,  we offer them the electronic payment option through NEFT. Payment can be done online using following details

Beneficiary account: Finnone loan account no
IFSC code : UTIB0000245

Please note our turnaround time for part payment is 9 days, however effect of the amount will be given as on value date i.e. on the date when amount was credited to us.

We hope that all your queries are answered. Once again thank you for your valuable feedback and assuring best of our services.

For further assistance, please write to us at
Warm Regards, 
Smruti Kutty,
Nodal Officer Team, Axis Bank LTD. NPC1, 5th Floor "Gigaplex",Plot No .I.T 5,
MIDC .Airoli Knowledge Park, Airoli, Navi Mumbai – 400708
Tel: 022-71315301
Case-5 Approval should be on mail or mobile one time password authentication.

This is security requirement and bank should not be charge anything extra as a social responsibility as a government bank. If they also behaving like other private bank (profit center / Business) then for bank also penalty clause should be mention. SMS charges. requested to stopped this facility because banks  (HDFC, SBI charging 15/- + service charge =17 /- per quarter but this does not mean that bank will removed my mobile number  this is against KYC and Banking security Policy.

Case-6 RBI Banking Ombudsman

Error in submitting feedback 

Case-7: loop pole at SBI banking process.

(    (A) Adding third party name we should not be able visit again and again home branch for approval it should be approved on registered mail on a/c. this is loop pole at SBI process.

     (B)  ATM debit card  but process is too tough in a first visit I have to apply  then need to visit branch for password , do you really thing policies in the name of security  is user friendly and as per market trend this should be  online generated or on mail. Request should be online or on mail or customer care

     (C)  Check book request should be online or on mail or customer care
     (D) Public cannot submit request at any branch in India. 
Case- 1: I have asked for net banking, so they have given only view only what is it mean time after six month during my home town visit again i requested for third party transaction  then they have given , today I want to add benefice again i need to visit home SBI Branch  that is not user friendly

Case-2: Mobile SMS Charges: I have requested to stopped this because mobile SMS Charges bank are charging 17 /- per quarter but it does not means to removed Mobile number  linking from  bank a/c.
SBI -failing in online connectivity - and KYC nomes as per RBI. 

Case-3: I have also requested 2 time in written application in bank  to update my e- mail ID  but still it is not updated otherwise it is really helpful  during the add benefice  to check and full fill security related requirement.

I have my personal feeling SBI bank is fail in security related requirement feature. as concern as security related feature it is banking requirement  so no charges has to be deducted for e-mail alert or mobile SMS alert. This should be as per RBI security requirement. SBI only difficult the process but really not working in public benefit. SBi also behaving like other private banks for their own benefit only. But i feel banking should have some social responsibility they should not establish charges for everything. 

Case-4: Debit card was damage so I have requested to close on 4th Feb2014 but still bank has charge 112/- on 10 Feb 2014 how this kind of mistakes done buy banking. There should be penalty clause on bank also. 

Regularising terms and condition in banking sector
Banking sector should have service oriented mind set. When they are playing as business point and implementing unwanted charges to increase profit then penalty clause should be there
Frame work required in banking terms regulatory compliance
1.            Net Banking
2.            Mobile SMS Charges
3.            KYC norms as per RBI. 
4.            Mobile number linking from bank a/c.
5.            Email linking from bank a/c.
6.            SLA – Service level agreement for each process Time bonded activity
7.            No additional Charges for SMS , ATM,
8.            Penalty clause for bank also if they are deducting any unwanted charges and not reacting on time.

+RSS-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh +PMO India +Narendra Modi 

RTI Filed By Consumer

HDFC bank online Issue:
we are really not expecting this kind of thing from blue chip company

Case-7: TAX SAVING FD Maturity amount not transfer into account
Customer ID is clearly mention on FD , Interest is transferred every quarter but not the maturity amount
FD Deposite Account Number: 03435770000014
TAX SAVING FD Amount: 50000.00
Maturity date: 10 Feb 2015

Hdfc Reference Number : 028-398-574. -e-mail dated February 12, 2015
losing trust on bank due lots of issue in blue chip company like HDFC
online unethical practice- Tax saving FD linked with  salary account  automatically gone , every quarter receiving interest but  maturity amount not transfer , local HDFC bank only giving wrong round- round answer,

customer care only holding the line and after  10 to 15 minute cut the phone...
branch managers mail not mention,
online connectivity is not safe due to unethical practice by banks,
no bank wish to take the responsibility

Really quality of service is going down every day in HDFC bank

Dummy account created for each new FD and it is linked with common customer ID - if this kind of unethical practices happened then 10 time of payment penalty clause have to be implement and  bank has to be paid amount to customer for their mistake also need to be define by RBI India. banking liability should be define so that general public will not be harassed.

Currently case has solved bul has to put lots of efforts and follow up
Solution find from HDFC member: 

As per  telephonic conversation regarding  my HDFC complain Ref No 028-398-574

I had requested for transfer my FD Maturity amount to my a/c and customer id mention on FD through NEFT But really has to put lots of efforts to get my own money

Government Initiative: Minister to Interact with Bankers during Bankers Retreat,Two Day Bankers’ Retreat called ‘Gyan Sangam’ to be held in Pune on 2nd and 3rd January, 2015 to Prepare a Blue Print of Reform Action Plan for Banking Sector 

The objectives of this retreat are as follows:-

  1.  To create a platform for formal and informal discussions around the issues which are important for banking sector reforms.
  2.  To achieve a broad consensus on what has gone wrong and what should be done both by banks as well as by the Government to improve and consolidate the position of PSBs.
  3.  To get some out of box ideas from prominent experts in the field as also from the top level managers attending the retreat.
  4. The final objective would be to prepare a blue print of reform action plan once adopted which could then be implemented by the banks as well as by the Government.

 Structure of the Retreat:-
 Formal start of Retreat 
 Session by prominent experts in the field.
Group discussions in six Groups.
Session on sharing / demonstration of best practices and technology.

                     Group presentations and Draft Action Plan.

4.         Topics for Group discussion:-
 Consolidation and re-structuring of PSBs for better efficiency and capitalisation needs.
Effective Risk Profiling and Recovery Mechanisms.
Human Resources related issues with special focus on training and motivation of staff.
Global practices and use of technology in banking operations.
Financial Inclusion / Financial Literacy and Direct Benefit Transfer.
Priority Sector Lending and Interest Subvention Schemes.

Service oriented mindset Business positive Indian attitude will bring Development in India  

Some positive initiative :

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