Friday, August 22, 2014

Temporary employment regularization in all sector including government in India

Temporary employment in all sector including government should be regularized in India

All benefits like PF, GRADUATY, SUPERANNUATION, LTA, General life insurance, HRA, DA, Medical, performance Bonus etc.

Temporary employee have the same responsibility as regular so he or she also gets save kind of benefit as regular

  •          Current segment of employment in not properly define

  •  All employee definition should be fixed may be treated as a small-scale industry – type – Business Partners or Associates, not a contract employee.

Benefit type like
General Insurance (SBI by paying 200/-) 4 lakhs  Rs General Insurance cover for 1 year
Employee category definition, the category should not be more than 5, like support staff, salesman/executive, Manager & Part time A/c staff, Owner.
Mahgai Bhata,
Yearly Increment should be equal to inflation
Minimum salary definition- Minimum
Grade-15000- 20000, Grade -2 20000- 30000, Grade -3 -30000- 40000,
Salary Slip,
Overtime payment definition after 8 hours of service 100/- per hours
Direct Salary transfer in Bank
Cloth annual- min – 2 dress
Pan Card Linking for each employee
Annual Leave
Transparency  in Salary
Medical- 1250/- PM
Transportation  & conveyance Allowance
I Card,
Minimum Notice period definition in case of releasing
Annual Leave, sick Leave, Casual leave

  1. PAN Card should be mandatory for all employee irrespective of their income 
  2. All Employee should get their payment directly in their bank a/c All Government bank or SBI, PNB, Salary a/c at minimum paperwork on a self-declaration basis can help in this area. May be any kind of charges have to remove from these a/c like atm charge, SMS charge etc. 
  3. Concern/organization have to mention Pan/ Tin Number in all bills and should be barcoded to ensure tractability so that no manipulation is possible. 

Temp card is OK but the permanent card should be like ATM.

  • Benefit
    • This segment employee will get respective accountability & identification may contribute to the national economy.
    •  Black Money involvement reduces.
    •  Government have data bank segment wise
    •  This sector will regularize.
    •  Direct Pan Card linking will give great control.
    •  Insurance sector also gets a new base.

    All People should get Identity Card Maybe government post office can help in this subject.
Working Address
Name of Employee ( Declared)
Father name
Current residence address (Declared/ Supporting)
AGE: ( declared) or supporting doc.
Permanent Address (Declared/ Supporting)
Date of Joining
Concern Stamp & Signature
Contact Number (M)
Emergency Contact Number( M)
PAN Number- ( IF Currently Not available, Need to apply  From Post Office Form need to be filled)
Business Type-
Addition Detail: Aadhar No

Voter ID No

Driving License

PF No (Form Need to be filled for New No.)………

References: Government Initiatives

Punjab govt clears the way for regularisation of over 30,000 temporary staff

October 26, 2016

Regularization of Temporary Contractual Employees

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