Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Personal Information Privacy , aadhar, UIDAI, data security, supreme court on Property, Real estate sites…. matrimonial Sites, Save the women

Personal Information Privacy on Property, Real estate sites…. & Matrimonial sites

Why SC’s move to limit Aadhaar usage


it is found that fake information on real estate site like magicbricks.com or so many  ……. people and brokers are publishing wrong information on this site and due to failure in life cycle of your advertisement wrong alert are received by beneficiary and when ever public is calling they says property is booked  now they are offering 4 time costlier property. one Important thing they are playing this game to get public resource information for their business only. General public is going to harassed by this fake thing


  1. life cycle for each advertisement like max 7-15 day max after that it will automatically deactivate or need to be re published again like in OLX .com 
  2. Checking the genuineness is real estate site responsibility. 
  3. PAN and Aadhar Number should be included in Login of each Broker /Agent / Property Owner/ Property Searcher/ Builder  
  4. As per real estate bill requirement .real estate sites should make filed mandatory for information genuineness  As per General public Privacy Bill - any party or company disclosing information will be panelist  50,000/- ... and so on for each complain .
  5. Human Rights Commission can play important roles in this area

  1. Tractability Increased 
  2. This segment will get respective accountability & identification may contribute in nation economy. 
  3. Black Money involvement reduces.
  4.  Government have data bank segment wise.
  5.  This sector will regularize. Direct Pan Card linking will give great control.
Government  Initiative

1. The Aadhaar card could soon be your passport to a married life with the government asking all matrimonial websites to verify the authenticity of the profiles they put up. The move by Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi 


     Finally some positive result of social initiative

I like the correction initiative of magic bricks

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