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Potential of Development - Power Sector - Possibility to reduce 50% of electricity bill key concept

Potential of Development-India, Possibility to reduce 50% of the electricity bill key concept

December 17, 2013 at 10:51am

Key Observation:
-           Losses in electricity transportation
-           Losses in electricity distribution
-           Losses due to theft of electricity
-           Taxes should be on right and true services un clarity in product & service so VAT & Service tax applicability     need to be redefine to reduce burden on general public
-           Manipulation by distributer company

Key Issue Electricity Bill Solution

-           Domestic electric city generation is only the key to reduce the losses in electricity,
-           The best practice to reduce the 50% of electric city bill in India is to benchmark Gujarat Ahmadabad.
-           Lesson has to be learn from Ahmadabad electricity co & Gujarat electricity co. new technology of gas turbine for electricity generation is already establish in Ahmadabad.
-           Distribution and unnecessary taxes parameter need to be redefine.

Investment Issue
As concern as investment to establish these domestic plant, IPO - Public share is one of the best options.

Idea of generation power in railway by imposing horizontal twin direction fan on top of train roof. may be dc power generation concept can help in this subject

1. Study need to be done because it will create lots of thrust due to high RPM of Rotating Blade  and  their may be possibility that Train will fly or lift above track. practical aspect need to be check
Idea benchmark from factory at Faridabad , near nelam chock.  Horizontal rotating blade mounted at top of roof.
2. To continues supply - we may required  electrical storage system. -- DC Generator concept  


India’s Solar Power Potential Estimated At 750 GW

Untapped Potential of Wind Energy 
PTI- dt 01.12.2014

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